Kylie Jenner Shows How Stormi Bonds With Her Baby Brother

Kylie Jenner is giving the people what they want now that she's finally home from Paris taking to Instagram on October 5th

the mom of two offers fans a glimpse at how daughter stormy has been bonding with her baby brother when she isn't petting pretty horses

showing off her latest designer the four-year-old rocks matching sneakers with wait we still don't know what to call him as discussed on the September 28th episode of the Kardashians

while Kylie and Travis Scott's seven-month-old son is legally named wolf Webster he's known to them as something else

yeah I think we know his official name you do mm-hmm I mean I'm not going to announce it yet because God forbid we change it again okay acknowledging the confusion behind their baby boy's moniker

Kylie revealed his name hasn't been changed legally because of Travis Travis actually still changes his name a few times he'll come back

like I really like this name and then for the day he'll call him that and I'm like we can't do this again