Kim Kardashian shares a glimpse of her photo editing process Chloe reveals that she might get a boob job plus you're not going to believe

the skims founder wants to do with her mom's bones Khloe Kardashian admits that she's been contemplating getting her boobs done so that she can have more cleavage

Chris tells Chloe that Kim made the strangest request any daughter could make and asked for her mother's bones so that she could make jewelry out

Chris acknowledged that the request was creepy and Kylie also called it weird well with those type of fashion thoughts in mind

that's why I can't miss where she is at right now but seriously your mom's bones moving on to Kendall Jenner because she is taking Las Vegas solo and showing the viewers more about herself

Kendall also talks about the misconceptions about her and she also calls out the Mean Girl attacks and says those ones hurt the most because that's just not the case whose calling Kendall mean have they not seen Courtney okay

let's hop over to Miami with Kim and Chloe these two make their way to the sunny City and by the way Chloe just casually mentions that it only took them about three hours to fly

Kim has extended range now for most lights the time would be 5 six hours but who cares about the carbon footprint issue right anyway the scenes in Miami

Chloe is set on having a good time going out Kim's laser focused on work obligations

Eden picks of the group from their skims outings luckily for viewers this does show an inside look into the reality stars editing process and according to Kim