Bhojpuri Actress Monalisa shown black sesame in the middle of her cleavage, users said- 'Mast has been discovered

Regardless, this photo is recently of new photoshoots by them. In this, he has shown his bold look, which is being shared on social media very fast.

In this photo, he has once again flaunted his black mole i.e. black sesame. Fans are very excited to see this. They are commenting fiercely on their photos.

Commenting on the actress Black Mole, a user has written that 'What is the black hole in the middle of the cleavage.'

In the photos surfaced on social media, she is in a bold dress of pink color.

He has done the getup of his dress in such a way that in the middle of his cleavage, a black mole is seen flaunting.

She is looking very gorgeous with jeans on pink top.