Abdu Rozik | Biography, Singer, Bigg Boss 16, Disease, Story

The Tajik vocalist Abdu Rozik is a notable Vocalist, Blogger, Performer, and Fighter. His Tajik Rap Melody, Ohi Dili Zor, is exceptionally perceived.

He might be watching on a YouTube channel that is known by the name of Avalon Media. His channel has wrapped around 350 K supporters.

Abdu Rozik experienced rickets as a kid, and because of his family's monetary difficulty, he couldn't be dealt with, bringing about his level becoming stale early in life.

In an impending MMA match, he will face General Vgorode, otherwise called Hasbulla Magomedov. Indeed, even both of them gave a public interview, which as of late became famous online.

He has collaborated with a few of the world's most noticeable figures, including Mo Salah and fighter Amir Khan and Cristiano Ronaldo

Abdu Rozik’s estimated net worth amount is all over $200,000.

Abdu likewise imparted a post to Salman Khan from the Bigg Manager send-off and wrote in the post saying "I'm the Authority's first candidate of Bigg Supervisor declared