Samantha Ruth Prabhu was Identified With Myositis, An Auto-Immune Illness 

whatever your capabilities you must stretch them to the Limit and a little Beyond no we’re not trying to preach strength we’re only reading out Samantha Ruth prabhu’s Instagram bio and that can teach us the mere models a lot Samantha the quirky witty and supremely talented lady has been through a lot lately a divorce in the public eye is not for the faint-hearted but she has emerged stronger so strong that her physical ailments have become smaller in strength case in point Myositis and autoimmune disease Samantha has been fighting with only a day after she released the trailer of her upcoming film yashoda Samantha reveals that she has been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called myositis that leads to the weakening of the muscles she also noted that the doctors are confident that she’d make a complete recovery very soon posting a picture from the hospital Sam noted that this is one of the seemingly unending challenges that life has thrown at her and that she was hoping to share this after it had gone into remission but it took a little longer than she had hoped she also added that she’s slowly learning to accept this vulnerability a lot of film stars have reacted in the comment section expressing solidarity with Samantha this appears to be even more shocking as Samantha has only always put a brave front when it comes to her struggles beta divorce proceedings or this disease but guess our film stars are a true inspiration in the real sense only a while back Shana shivala revealed that she suffers from prosopagnosia or medical condition that causes face blindness and an inability to remember people’s faces Brad Pitt 2 suffers from the same condition but shanaz is taking it as strongly as she can same with Justin Bieber when Joon shared that he was suffering from facial paralysis after a diagnosis of ramseyhan syndrome he announced in a video message adding that he has been doing facial exercises to regain movement but it would still take time to recover Superstar Salman Khan has been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia and is undergoing a treatment for it this is a neuropathic disorder that may cause intense pain in many parts of the face like the jaws and cheeks currently under treatment from the U.S the condition is cured to much extent a while back sushmita San had revealed that she was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and meditating with nunchaku had helped her overcome the condition pop star Selena Gomez suffers from lupus and autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system begins to attack itself so much so that she had to have a kidney transplant in 2017. die hard hit makeup Bruce Willis earlier this year shared that he will step away from his acting career after he was diagnosed with aphasia a condition that hampers a person’s ability to speak and write Samantha only adds to the list of these Fighters our favorite stars were fighting the Wrath of the nature and are only smiling in the face of adversity more power to you Sam we love you.

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